Beginners Guide to: Wheels



Now that we've got an idea what deck to ride and the trucks that go with it, it's time to get rolling, literally. 

Just like with Decks and Trucks wheels have two key things to consider when it comes to picking the right set. Size, and Durometer (hardness)


Just like the difference between cars and monster trucks, the size of your wheels will have a huge impact on how your board feels. Bigger wheels will roll easier, but be tougher to do some tricks with, especially flip tricks. You'll also have to do less pushing with bigger wheels.

If you're looking to do flip tricks, err on the smaller size. If you're just cruising, then aim on the bigger side. 

Wheels can be as small as 50's and go up to around 62's. Our recommendation for those looking to learn more tricks would be to pick wheels that are 52mm, 53mm, or 54mm. If your just looking to roll around a 56mm or 58mm wheel would be good choices. 


How hard or soft your wheels are will make a big difference in how your set up feels while you're riding it. Harder wheels will slide easier, making certain tricks easier, for example, ledge tricks. Softer wheels meanwhile have more grip, and roll over cracks, bumps and rocks easier. 

Determining how hard or soft a wheel is is simple! Just look for the durometer rating. A lower number means a softer wheel, and a higher rating means a harder wheel. Wheels typically range from around 80a to 103a in durometer, with the majority being either 99a or 101a. 

Our recommendation for those just getting started learning tricks would be to get a wheel that is 99a or 101a. These wheels will be hard enough to do any trick your trying to learn, without being too hard. 

If your looking to cruise around or use your skateboard more for transportation, then a softer wheel, in the 80a range or softer would be a perfect choice. 

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