Beginners Guide to: Skateboard Trucks

On to the next essential part of building your own skateboard, the Trucks. (Pssst if you haven't already checked out our skateboard guide, go give it a look!)

The trucks are what connect the board to the wheels and bearings. They're the usually silver metal pieces that let skateboarders grind on rails, turn and much more. 

For this article we'll give you an idea of what to look for when it comes to trucks, as well as our recommendations. 

The first, and most important thing to know about trucks is that it's extremely important that your trucks fit your board. Too wide or too narrow and it'll be extremely difficult to ride your board (not to mention, you probably wont have much fun!) 

If your board is less than 8" You'll need: 129’s 

If your board is 8" - 8:.25" You'll need: 139’s

If your board is 8.1”- 8.5” You’ll need: 144’s

If your board is 8.25" - 8.75" you'll need: 149’s

If your board is between 8.50" and 9"0 you'll need: 159’s


 The next decision to make is height. Most all trucks will be "medium height" or wont mention their height at all. That means that they'll be medium height. There are also "lows" which ride lower to the ground, as well as "highs" which are, well... They're higher (obviously).

Lows: the lower center of gravity will make it easier to stay on the board, however, it will be tougher to generate as much pop for your ollie.

Pros: Stability, Grinding. Cons: Less Pop

Mediums: The "all around" choice. Most skaters skate this height of truck. 

Pros: Great all around size. Cons: None

Highs: A higher center of gravity means it can be slightly more difficult to balance, however, with extra space between you and the ground, it can be easier to pop higher. As well, you're board wont touch your wheels as easy. 

Pros: Higher pop. Cons: Slightly tougher to balance. 

One other thing to keep in mind is the weight of the truck. Some trucks are known as hollows. That means the inside of the king pin has been hollowed out. (Check it out for yourself, next time you're in the shop ask us to take a look through a set.) That means they'll be lighter and easier to maneuver! It doesn't come for free though, Hollows are a touch more expensive. 



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