Beginners Guide to: Bearings, Grip Tape and Hardware


Bearings are the small circular pice inside of a wheel that enables it to spin on the axel of a skateboard truck. These little circles are what enables skaters to roll around, and execute tricks. While bearings are an extremely important part of a skateboard set up, there aren't as many considerations to make when choosing a set. 

Bearings will come in different materials, with different manufacturing standards and different numbers of ball bearings inside, for most skaters Bones Reds or the similarly priced Bronson G2's are the right choice. They have great quality and at $25.00 each, the price is right. 

For those looking for something that rolls a bit faster, and will last a bit longer Bones Super Reds  for $40.00 are always a good choice. 

At the very top end of the bearing spectrum Ceramic bearings or those of Swiss manufacturing are the way to go. These bearings are of superior manufacturing quality and materials, and will certainly last longer. That said, for most skaters, these are in no way a necessity. Most skaters, especially those just getting started will be more than happy with the options priced around $25.00.



The nuts and bolts of your new skate set up, literally. Some options come with one coloured bolt to help you identify which is the nose and which is the tail of your skateboard. Usually most people will chose the most inexpensive option as they are functionally all the same. 

For sizing, 7/8" is the right choice, unless your building a cruiser set up with riser pads and bigger wheels. 


The last decision to make is grip tape. There are basically two options, coloured/ graphic grip tape or black. Both options are functionally extremely similar, so the decision is mostly cosmetic.